Specialized Translation

Professional Language Services

We offer translation in all spoken languages and any specialized field. Our translator colleagues are foreign and domestic experts speaking the target languages as their native language. We are in daily contact with over a hundred translators who each specialize in one specific field or another. So, if a more complex text affects several disciplines, we assign several translators to that particular job.

Our main fields of specialization:

Technical, computer technology
Economy, industry, trade
Scientific texts
Law and administration

We require our colleagues to have proper qualifications and to hold a special diploma. Most of our translators have ten years of professional experience. We also apply a multi-step control process; that is, the terminology is evidently uniform throughout the text, even when the source material is longer, and has been written by a group of specialists. Our company is currently applying for ISO certification.

We expect our colleagues to use the latest computer aided translation tools. Supported by Trados, SDLX, and other programs, we make sure that our clients get double benefits: we can reduce client expenses by 30 to 50 percent while ensuring that the work process will be considerably shorter..