Professional Language Services

Specialized Translation

We offer translation in all spoken languages and any specialized field. Our translator colleagues are foreign and domestic experts speaking the target languages as their native language. We are in daily contact with over a hundred translators who each specialize in one specific field or another. So, if a more complex text affects several disciplines, we assign several translators to that particular job.

Software Localization

Our colleagues have gained great experience in software localization and their work is assisted by computer aided translation software. In addition to traditional texts, our company also takes on the direct translation of special files. For example: .exe, .html, .xml, .sgml, and FrameMaker and PageMaker formats besides some other special graphic file types.


We also take on interpretation tasks both in domestic locations and abroad. Like our translators, interpreters are also specialists in a variety of areas. We can always arrange to offer our clients the best experts in the relevant topic. The translation of the spoken word into a foreign language is a particularly difficult task that we entrust only to those colleagues with the best communication skills.


Every assignment is completed with a quality control project in our office. One element of this quality control is the grammatical and professional proofreading of the translated text. When proofreading, our colleagues check linguistic correctness first and then professional compliance. In our office, the revision job is only performed by translators with at least a decade of experience; likewise our professional proofreaders have the proper professional skills in the relevant subject.

Website Translation Service

Our translation is done by our professional translators who are native speakers and have years of website translation experience. We specialize in website translation and search engine submission in most European and Asian languages. The most common translation requests include Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic.

Desktop Publishing

HQ Translation understands the need for high-quality translation delivered on-time and within budget. We partner with our software & information-technology industry clients to integrate our proven translation processes with theirs.