Professional Language Services

We also take on interpretation tasks both in domestic locations and abroad. Like our translators, interpreters are also specialists in a variety of areas. We can always arrange to offer our clients the best experts in the relevant topic. The translation of the spoken word into a foreign language is a particularly difficult task that we entrust only to those colleagues with the best communication skills. We have excellent simultaneous and consecutive interpreters who support linguistic communication in most spoken languages. We strive, in each case, to offer our clients those interpreters who speak the target language as their native language. You can use our company's services for protocol programs, negotiations and conferences. Upon request, we will be pleased to provide you with our prices regarding interpretation projects.

Of course, even the best interpreters are not able to perform to their maximum, if they do not have the chance to properly prepare themselves for their projects. Therefore, we provide our colleagues with materials, glossaries relating to the specific project and the specialist field of interpretation in order to ensure quality work and we inspire our dear clients to do the same.